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While many home and business owners like to attempt DIY projects, for your safety, it’s important to leave any work with gas lines to professionals. At Charter Plumbing, LLC, our Greenville gas line specialists have the proper training necessary to assist with any installations or repairs. As a company, we value integrity, which is why we guarantee each customer will receive honest pricing and quality work. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Signs You Need Your Gas Line Repaired

Because a leak or damage to your gas line poses a serious threat to your home or business, it’s important to know the different indicators something is wrong.

Signs of an issue include:

  • A rotten egg (or sulfuric) smell, which could mean you have a leak
  • An unusual increase on your utility bill despite no change in usage
  • Any noticeable external damage to your gas lines or connections
  • Visible rust or corrosion on your gas line connections
  • Hissing coming from your gas line, which typically means you have a leak
  • Malfunctioning gas appliances or problems with them powering on

If you notice any possible signs of a leak, it’s important that you turn off any gas appliances, open as many doors and windows as possible, call the gas company, and immediately vacate the premises. Only after you are in a safe place should you call our Greenville gas line repair experts.

Gas Line Installation

If you recently purchased a new fireplace, gas stove, dryer, or any other gas appliance, you may need a new gas line as well. It’s important to have a professional do the installation because they will be able to ensure everything is up to local code and operates safety. At Charter Plumbing, LLC, our plumbers have 10 years of experience and are equipped to handle both commercial and residential gas line installations.

To schedule an appointment for gas line repair or installation in Greenville, call (903) 496-2338 today. If you have a gas leak, be sure to take advantage of our emergency availability!

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    “The guys went beyond what they needed to do to fix the hot water in my house.”

    - John A.
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    “The owner conducted the evaluation and the installation team did a great job installing the HWH in the attic. I will use them again when we replace another HWH.”

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    “I called a couple of years ago because my hot water heater stopped working. They came out, replaced the hot water heater, and went above my expectations by realizing that the closet was not properly vented and fixing the issue.”

    - Angela W.

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