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Fixing Slow Drains in Wolfe City

The drains in your home or business function frequently throughout the day, flushing wastewater away from your property. Due to their heavy usage, debris, dirt, hair, and other remnants build up and eventually clog your pipes. When this happens, water is not able to pass through, which results in fixtures backing up or pools of water remaining in your tub or sink. If you suspect you have a clog, call our Greenville drain cleaners at Charter Plumbing, LLC.

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Our Efficient Hydro-Jetting Method

Many people tend to resort to chemical cleaners, thinking they will effectively clear clogs; unfortunately, these chemicals do more harm than good because they can end up causing pipe deterioration. Rather than damage your pipes further, call Charter Plumbing, LLC. We use hydro-jetting, which is a quick and effective method of drain cleaning.

Before we begin the cleaning process, our plumbers will first inspect your plumbing system. We insert a high-definition camera through an access point, which allows us to determine the exact cause and location of the blockage. Next, we insert a multi-directional nozzle through the same access point which blasts highly pressurized water through your pipes.

Hydro-jetting is capable of clearing blockages due to:

  • Grease
  • Sludge and debris
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Hardened scale

Reliable Drain Repairs

Left unattended, a clogged drain can result in corrosion or deterioration, which results in leaks. A leaking drain line means that wastewater seeps into the land around your property and it could eventually cause a slab leak. Therefore, it’s important you call our Greenville drain repair experts to properly assess the situation and perform any necessary repairs.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our plumbers will resort to one of these three repair methods:

  • Spot repairs: If there’s only a small section of your drain line that needs to be fixed, we will use this method. However, this method is more invasive than others because it requires us to need complete access to your pipe.
  • Pipe lining: We tend to prefer this method because it is non-invasive. Our plumbers insert a lining into your pipe that ends up hardening and taking the place of your old, damaged drainpipe.
  • Full replacement: If you have extensive damage, we might have to resort to a full excavation and replacement of your drainpipe. Unfortunately, this is the most invasive method and tends to cost more because you have to restore your property after we complete the job.

Avoid Clogs & Damage by Installing New Drains

While repairs are always the easier option, and we will never suggest installation before we ensure a repair is not possible, certain benefits come with a brand-new drain. If your property is older, chances are that your drainpipes have already experienced wear and tear or are beginning to deteriorate. If your property is older than 50, or you’re unsure of the last time new drains were installed, we recommend calling us.

You can also avoid tree root invasion by installing new drainpipes that avoid proximity to a large tree on your residential or commercial property.

To schedule an appointment, reach out to us at (903) 251-1219. We also serve customers throughout Wolfe City.

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